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Gregory Brown, Executive Director

Global Chamber® Kansas City

Gregory Brown is the Executive Director for Global Chamber® Kansas City Metropolitan Area, helping companies access and capitalize upon today’s growth opportunities internationally and contribute to civic improvements locally. Gregory also works throughout Central America as a Senior Managing Partner, Organizational Development / Management Consultant for Vertex Innovation in Costa Rica, and serves as the Co-CEO and Founder of Organizational Bridges LLC (USA sub for Vertex Innovation).

At Vertex, Gregory provides volunteer consulting services to La Esperanza Granada (Education Program serving Disadvantaged Kids in 5 Schools) and in Tela-Honduras in building a coalition with parents, principals, nonprofits, commissioner for education and the mayor to renovate schools and obtain teaching resources.

Gregory has obtained $16.6 million in funding for nonprofits and government agencies in the USA for programs, projects and operating support. He has provided consulting technical assistance and training throughout the USA to over 300 nonprofits, local and municipal government agencies, faith based organizations, social service and community economic development programs and projects that benefit primarily Latino and African and Caribbean families and other disenfranchised economic and minority groups and constituencies.

Gregory has provided training and technical assistance to multinational companies such as Firestone Company, Punta Leona Resorts and other Harsco Infrastructure in Costa Rica and have served as the CEO and executive board member respectively for 3 nonprofits and two for profit consulting firms in the United States.

Gregory has worked with nationally recognized organizations such as the Center for Community Change, Neighbor-Works, Community Planning Development Office of The Department of Housing and Urban Development, Center for Technical Assistance and Training, Campaign for Human Development and Christian Community Development Association.